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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before you buy? Here are some FAQ’s

Can I use the components and templates to build multiple apps?
Yes, you are free to use our components and templates to build as many apps as you like. We do not place any restrictions on how many apps you can create using our components and templates. However, each developer using our components or templates for development, must have  a license.
What is '1-Developer' License? Does each developer using your products require a license?
Each developer that uses our components and/or templates must have their own license. We don’t license per machine, per device, or demand any royalties or run-time fees. For more information, please refer to our End-User License Agreement. If you have a testing team and they need to compile the application, then those testers will also need a license each. Testers who just test the completed, compiled applications (that is, use it much as an end-user does) do not need a license.
I have two machines for development, a desktop and a laptop. Can I install your product on both machine?
Yes, absolutely. You can install the product on a primary machine and a portable/laptop for your development purposes.
Can I use your components and templates to create apps for my clients?
Yes, absolutely. You are free to use our components and templates to create apps for your clients. However, you may not redistribute our library to your clients. If your clients need to use our library in development, they must also acquire a license. Sharing or redistributing our library with any of your clients, other developer(s), or other third parties is a violation of the EULA, which results include the revocation of your license. Please read the EULA for more information.
Is this a subscription? Will my membership be automatically renewed?
No. With your purchase of one of our premium membership products, you will gain access to our premium products and services as long as your membership is active. However, when your membership is expired, it will not be automatically renewed. You can purchase a renewal before your membership is expired, and receive 40% discount off the new membership price.
What happens when my membership expired?
When your premium membership is expired, you will lose access to our premium products and services, such as product updates and tech support. You may continue using the components and templates that you have already downloaded forever.
We are an enterprise with more than 5 developers. Do we get special pricing?
Please contact us using this form for more information regarding special pricing and licensing. Our Sales Team will be more than happy to assist you.

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