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LaCompagnie App Template

Perfect For Any Company

Designed to help you promote your business profile, products and services, and to let the world easily know, contact, follow, interact, and love your company better.

4 Navigation Styles

Offers flexibility and easy customization to meet your app design requirements. The different navigation styles gives you more design freedom to deliver amazing user experience.

5 Colorful Themes

Delivered with 5 colorful themes to match your branding needs. Each themes includes all the necessary resources for different screen densities and cover most standard UI widgets.

7 Different Screens

Includes 7 different screens (activities) for different tasks, i.e. the Home, Products And Services, Showcase, Our Team, Contact, About, and an in-app web browser for the html contents.

Whatever your business is, it’s just perfect.

LaCompagnie is a beautifully designed and highly customizable native Android app template, perfect for introducing, marketing, and promoting your business profile, products and services, team, and any other information you want to make easily accessible to your clients or general public. It also allows the users to easily – with just a single tap – contact you via email or phone, visit your company website, follow you on the social networks, and even show your company on the map. Whether you’re creating the app for your own company, or for your clients, be it a big multinational company, consultancy, lawyers, dentist, auto mechanic, or even a one-man startup, LaCompagnie is the perfect companion to boost your business, products and services image and recognition.
LaCompagnie App Template

Four Navigation Styles For More Design Possibilities

Pure Android
Fancy Drawer
Fancy Content

Five Colorful Themes To Match Your Branding Needs

Clean, Avocado, Hawaii, Maiden, Miles
LaCompagnie Themes



  • Built with high quality components.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Clean code and best practices.
  • Android Design Guideline.
  • Support latest Android KitKat v4.4
  • Admob for monetization.
  • Google Analytics for measurements.

What’s Included

  • Ready-to-use Android Studio project.
  • Template source code.
  • 5 Skins/Themes library projects.
  • Nine-patch and bitmap drawables.
  • Admob and Google Analytics SDK.
  • Html documentation.


  • Minimum SDK: API 9 (Gingerbread, v2.3)
  • Android Support v4
  • Android Appcompat v7
  • DroidUX ActionDrawer v3. GalleryFlow v3, Layouts v3, Action Pack v2.5
  • Admob and Google Analytics SDK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I release this template without modification to the Play Store?
No. The application you create using this template must be customized so that it becomes unique. You may not release this template as an app without any modifications. You must at least modify the package name, launcher icon, application title, and application data as to make the resulting app uniquely yours.
Is this a complete app ready to publish in Play Store?
The template includes features that should function as designed and might be enough for most use cases. However, the template is meant more as a bootstrap to jumpstart your developments for specific apps that might include the features implemented in the template. If you want to publish to Play Store (Google’s or any other Android app stores out there), you may not publish this template “as is” as your app. You must made the required modifications before you may publish it. For more information, please read the template’s documentation as to what customizations you’re required to make before using this template for publishing in app stores.
May I share, redistribute or resell this template?
No, you may not. Your use of the DroidUX templates and libraries is subject to the DroidUX EULA, which is available for download in the members area of our website. Please read the EULA. By installing, copying, or otherwise using the DroidUX library, you agree to be bound by the terms of the EULA.
Can I use this template to create multiple apps?
Yes, absolutely. If your subscription include access to use the templates, you may create unlimited apps based on the templates. However, each developer using this template must have a license.
May I create apps for my clients based on this template?
Yes, absolutely. If your subscription include access to these templates, you may create unlimited apps, for yourself or for your clients. However, each developer using this template must have a license. So, if your clients are also developing the app using this template, they must have a license. For more information regarding licensing, please read the EULA, or contact us at [email protected].
I love the graphics resources in this template. May I use them for my apps?
Yes, except for the launcher icon. You may not use the template’s launcher icon as your app’s icon. You must use your own launcher icon.

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