Our catalog of UI controls and components for the Android platform.
ActionDrawer Library.

ActionDrawer Library v3

This library includes the ActionDrawer widget, an enhanced version of the Android navigation drawer. The ActionDrawer widget offers advanced features and easy customizations to give more app design possibilities.

GalleryFlow Library v3

When you need to showcase your app contents in an easy to navigate and beautiful user interface, you’ll find the GalleryFlow as the perfect widgets for the purpose. GalleryFlow widgets are an advanced replacements, with high performance and more features, for the now deprecated Android Gallery widget.

GalleryFlow Library
Layouts Library

Layouts Library v3

Layout Library contains a collection of specialized layout widgets that alter the behaviors or add effects to other widgets, such as reflection, mask, or other effects.

Action Pack v2

The Action Pack includes widgets that are designed to help you implement easy and intuitive interactions between the users and your apps.

Action Pack
Commons Pack

Commons Pack v2

A collection of enhanced replacements of the Android common controls, such as buttons, pickers, progress, preferences, etc. These widgets offer more features, performance optimization, and customization, than the standard widgets.

GalleryFlow Pack v2

Comprising our most popular components, the GalleryFlow widgets, the GalleryFlow Pack enables you to effortlessly build visually stunning and engadging interface that makes your apps stand above the fray.

GalleryFlow Pack
Layouts Pack

Layouts Pack v2

The Layouts Pack includes widgets that let you easily integrate enhanced look and behaviors into your apps, and gives you more freedom to think outside the box with regard to your apps design.

List Pack v2

The List Pack includes a supercharge ListView widget with features like load-on-demand, pull-to-refresh, and includes built-in image loader and caching to allow you work with the web in a quite easy and straightforward way.

List Pack
Wheel Pack

Wheel Pack v2

Wheel widgets are circular 3D user interface components, that when used properly with your app design, can results in an engaging user experience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I develop multiple apps using the library?

Yes. You can use the library to develop unlimited number of apps, for yourself and/or for your clients. However, each developers using the library in development (and testing), must have a license.

We're a team of developers. Can we share a license with team members?

No. Each developer that uses our components and/or templates must have their own license. We don’t license per machine, per device, or demand any royalties or run-time fees. For more information, please refer to our End-User License Agreement. If you have a testing team and they need to compile the application, then those testers will also need a license each. Testers who just test the completed, compiled applications (that is, use it much as an end-user does) do not need a license.

What happens when my subscription is expired? Will my apps still work?

In relation to the DroidUX library, yes. If you’re using valid license key, the apps using DroidUX libraries will not fail due to licensing, even if your subscription is no longer active.

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