Generics 1.0 is finally here. We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest addition to our collection of high quality Android app templates. You can download the release package from your account dashboard.

Generics is arguably the most advanced but easy-to-use template to help developers jumpstart and boost their productivity in creating high quality modern apps for android. With a solid foundation of well tested libraries, proven best practices and standard design patterns, Generics allows developers to build robust high performance apps easily.

Built On Solid Foundation

Built On Solid FoundationWe use such libraries as RxAndroid, Dagger2, Retrofit, Glide, EventBus, and many more of the “must-have” libraries, that have been and are being used in thousands of real-world high-volume apps from many reputable companies as the foundation to build their apps for Android. These libraries really do make the difference between top-end apps and the rest.

Limitless Content Possibilities

Limitless Content PossibilitiesGenerics is also designed to be modular. In this first version, we include 4 screen modules with 16 individual screens. Each screen can be reused with different contents. You can get the contents for you apps through various channels, such as RSS/Atom, WebView with HTML5 video support, and RESTful APIs. Although the screens are designed to work with particular content provider, however you can very easily get different contents for different screens from the same content provider.

For example, you can create as many YouTube Channel screens as you need for your apps and set each screen to get the content from particular channels. You can do the same with the Facebook Page screens, Instagram, Twitter, Rss/Atom, WebView, and many other screens. Just imagine the possibilities of how many apps you can create just by easily mixing and matching these screens. Sky is truly the limit of what apps you can build.

Elegantly Beautiful

Elegantly Beautiful With Material DesignAnd of course, with the Material Design guideline, combined with the fluid and intuitive user interface, no matter what apps you build, and no matter how complex they are, one thing is for sure, your apps are going to look great. 

Priority Support

DroidUX Priority SupportLast but not least, with DroidUX excellent support, you have nothing to worry about. The download package includes detailed step-by-step instructions, complete with picture, to make it easy even you’re new to Android development. For those with a little bit of experience in creating apps for Android, it will be a complete breeze to use this template. And needless to say, if you have anything to ask, just contact us through our support system.


  • Android Studio: latest version
  • Android SDK: API level 15+ (v 4.0.3+, Ice Cream Sandwich )
  • Android Support Library: support-v4, appcompat-v7, design-library, etc.
  • DroidUX Library: core-3.0.6+, actiondrawer (latest-version), galleryflow (latest version)


  • Model-View-Presenter framework for clear separation of UI and business logic.
  • Reactive programming for concurrency, background tasks, and responsiveness.
  • Mix and Match of screens as building blocks to easily build a complex app from pre-created screen modules (or create your own).
  • Material Design UI using the official Design library.
  • Build with solid and robust libraries used in many real-world high quality apps.
  • Clean code and best practices for easy customization and extensibility.
  • Easy to monetize with Admob ads integration.
  • Unlimited content possibilities.
  • Popular content providers, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Rss/Atom, WebView with HTML5 video support, RESTful API.
  • Create unlimited apps. 

Libraries and Integration

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