Part 2 of the a three-parts tutorial series on how to use the powerful ActionDrawer widget to add navigation drawer in your apps. In case you’ve miseed it, we recommend you to watch Part 1 first.

In this 2nd part of the series, we’ll show you how to easily implement the most common design pattern related to the navigation drawer, i.e. using a list menu inside the drawer to allow users navigate through your apps easily.

In the video/codecast you will learn how to use the ActionDrawer widget to: 

  1. Implement a list menu using ListView widget in the main navigation drawer
  2. Use arrow decoration to “point” to the active menu
  3. Use drawing listeners to add effects/animations to the drawer
  4. Customize the ActionDrawer to follow the new design guideline

Stay tune for the final tutorial that will show you the more advance use case of the powerful ActionDrawer widget.

Happy Developing!

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