DroidUX Android UI Library Gets Lollipop Updates

We are happy to announce the latest release of our DroidUX Android UI libraries. DroidUX v3 libraries has been updated to v3.1 and DroidUX Packs v2 to v2.6. If you’re using DroidUX components in your existing apps, we recommend you to update to this new release, especially if your apps target the new Android 5.0 (Lollipop) version.


The most important update in this release is support for the latest Android Lollipop version. Android Lollipop has brought some exciting new features and pleasant changes for developers. However, there’s one particular change, introduced in the new Android Runtime (ART), that’s impacting some of our components which resulting in crashes and other issues when running on Lollipop devices. We’ve fixed theses issues in this latest release.

Another important update is the availability of .AAR binary distribution for all DroidUX v3 libraries. The AAR binary distribution format makes it extremely easy to include the DroidUX libraries in your Android app project. This is especially true if you’re using Android Studio as your IDE, but it should also work with other IDE that support Gradle and the AAR format. However, if you prefer to use the .JAR + library project combination, it should still work as before.

Our template has also got an update in this release to support Lollipop. The LaCompagnie Android app template is updated to version 1.1. In addition to that, we’ve also included some minor updates to the components, fixes to some minor issues, and some tweaks to improve performance.

Happy coding.

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